[this is the only picture i got of the giants victory parade.  then my camera died.]

jade coined a new term: yopho (pronounced properly “yo-fu”) to describe our new, perfect friend date of yoga followed by pho.  which we did tonight.  three hard yoga classes in three days and i feel sore in my body.  good sore.  it’s funny how yoga can get harder the longer you do it.  everyday i figure out closer to the way a pose is supposed to be, get into it, and then am like, holy shit, this is hard.

i can almost do a handstand again and i swear to god i have muscles in my arms.

today started out well.  i double-taked amy sedaris in the lobby at work.  there are so many bonuses to coming in early.  i didn’t even realize she was coming in today.  amy sedaris is genuinely one of the funniest people alive.  amy poehler, tina fey, yeah they are crazy crazy funny.  but amy sedaris takes it to the next level of complete insanity.  it’s interesting to think of the stupid boys i went to high school with who liked to tell me girls aren’t funny.  hey idiots, who’s laughing now?

anyway, i got to meet her for a sec when we took her picture for the facebook page and she was nice and hilarious even in those two minutes.

i am thinking about getting a new dress for my book launch.  something amazing.

okay, i’m so tired.  go watch the public radio rap that made me happy all day long.