before and after

i woke up this morning earlier than i even wake up for work.  pete came over and we made breakfast.  i burned my wrist.  then at 9am, i finally got a haircut.  so far, i’m enjoying it.  it’s been six minutes.  my head feels lighter and the girl did NOT straighten my hair and i think she might have actually convinced me to get a hair dryer and a diffuser.  28 years in and i do not have these basic things that about every other girl has.  she told me it would help my scalp.  my scalp needs serious, serious help.

in other news, last night i saw the dirty mittens and i am sort of in love.  jade knows them.  i went to be nice.  turns out they are sort of awesome.

anyway, busy day ahead.  i have a reading tonight.  are you coming?


  1. I am too far away- how do I hear your reading from t his distance-I feel deprived!!

  2. totally! you guys were insanely awesome. i think i need to figure out how to have a soundtrack to my book and put the dirty mittens on it. a lot.

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