wintery mix

this morning after yoga i was feeling sorry for myself because it was so cold.  50 degrees maybe.  sick.  and then i called my bro in portland and he said it was 39 degrees there and might or might not snow and i suddenly didn’t feel so cold anymore.  seriously.  it was very very strange.

after yoga i went to the flea market with pete and bought the above red peacoat (difficult to see here i know) for $15.  a steal!  unlike my usual peacoat BOTH POCKETS ARE HOLE FREE!  it does have a huge rip in the lining but whateves.  it looks cool.  i’m pretty sure it got me a free peppermint hot chocolate this afternoon at starbucks.  i know, terrible, starbucks.  but i was cold and i thought, “ah, hot chocolate which i can pay for with a card, perfect!”  and then my decision was re-enforced when the barista said this one was “on him” just like a cool bartender.  red coat.  already working.

after the flea market, jade and i went downtown.  well, i met jade downtown.  unfortunately my bus had some teensy weensey door malfunction and we all got kicked off about a mile from downtown.  i walked, no big deal, except that i made the mistake of walking up sixth street where first i think i almost got jumped and second i saw one gangster drop a knife on the ground and then get yelled at by his gangster buddy for dropping his, you know, CONCEALED WEAPON.  when i say “saw” i mean, this happened two feet in front of me.  oh san francisco, you are such a fickle beast.  i was talking with a friend yesterday who is all over the city all day long and he was saying he thinks sf is sort of like a bathtub with all the gross stuff, the hair and soap scum, ending up on the bottom.  in his analogy i think the mission was the drain cover.  maybe we extend that to basically the whole area from ceasar chavez to the embarcadero?

anyway, jade and i went downtown, did some girly shopping until neither of us could stand it anymore and then went and ate some pho.

so far, nice sunday.  and next week, i only have to work three days.  thank you pilgrims, for being so incompetent.  thank you indians, for being so friendly.

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