(this is an ancient picture of amira and me.  it is too dark in my room for pictures.  i mean ancient like 3 years old at least.  just wait til february.  i will see you then amira!)

marisa is staying with me for a couple weeks and there was this moment tonight when i was reciting “bright star” for her while she sipped red wine and she started laughing hilariously and said, “this is what i imagine people think writers do when they hang out: recite keats to each other and drink wine.”

i was only reciting “bright star” because we were looking at previews on netflix instant view after watching maid in manhattan and bright star came up. i don’t know how we actually watched all of maid in manhattan.  terrible.  i need to see something good soon.  my brainwaves are full of meaningless romantic comedies and youtube music video clips.

new favorite thing: girl talk.  i’m tired.  goodnight.


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  1. hurray for february! girl talk plays richmond on jan. 29. wish they’d come two weeks later so we could dance it together. oh well.

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