clean on the outside

here are two scenes from my life today.  i got a new smart phone.  early christmas present.  thanks parents!  picture one: jade and i went downtown to get a dress for the launch party (perfect dress, procured–now i have to stop eating for the next week) and i was thirsty and we went into burger king to get a cup of water and i saw that even bk is composting!  there are some crazy awesome things about sf.  composting.  i hope they really are doing it.

two is the menorah i got a week or so ago at the grocery store.  i decided for no reason to celebrate chanukah this year (i am going with that spelling, deal).  i don’t believe in god but i guess i am as close to jewish as i am to anything and there is something interesting about traditions, especially when you are doing them without context, alone.  it’s like when i did things like eat mcdonalds alone in africa.  it MEANS something.  what does it mean?

i think i could say something more interesting/interesting at all about this but my new smart phone and the whole day and no yoga zapped my brain and whatever was left was destroyed by my dinner of cinnamon toast.  four pieces.  and one slice of bacon.  why?  why not?

anyway, happy whatever you are celebrating.  tetris victory.  i’m already sick of christmas music.  you know what gives me that sick christmas feeling?  starbucks products.  it’s fucked.  i’m not in a good enough mood to even say that this means we’ve lost all  culture to corporate interests.  right now i more feel like it was all meaningless and constructed to begin with.  well, obviously it was constructed.

oh shit.  i’ve just become a nihilist again.  this happens sometimes.  i better do something awesome now.