christmas in the trenches

in my continued personal performance art project called “lizzy’s lonely holiday traditions” i got out the pink fake christmas tree that marisa gave me when she moved to new york and decorated it with shrinky-dinks, buttons, keys, old clue pieces, plastic necklaces and key chains. it isn’t fully completed in the first two pictures.

i continue to be making a statement.  i’m just not sure what it is.

also, me and my handiwork:

i had a dream last night that two passive boys were having a passive battle over me, passively.  in the dream one of them was mad about the other and i said to him, “well, really, whoever calls me wins; when should we hang out?” and the dude said, “well, i can’t really make plans right now.”

this all took place at a campground.

i also had a dream the other night that i left my new smart phone in my coat pocket and my coat on a train in africa.

apparently, i am stressed out.  i even went to yoga six days this week.  but also had at least two long crying sessions.  oh god.  i hope my book launch isn’t a complete disaster.

merry christmas.