i've read your horoscope

so…it happened!  book: officially launched.  sweet dress: officially worn.  i was pretty nervous.  just ask pete who had to hear my sobbing and get stress taken out on him for about three straight weeks.  but it went really well!  of all the horrible things i thought might happen, only one did and the homeless man didn’t shit his pants til AFTER my grandmas left.  so: success!

i don’t know what else to say except: i hope more people took pictures because i surely didn’t.

now of course i am in the post excitement depression-state where nothing amazing is happening, everyone left town and i can’t wear my dress because i’m not supposed to look like a tramp at work.

oh well.  there was a sale today at work of all the leftover stuff from a cooking show and i unethically went down a little early and scored a large cast iron skillet, a cheese slicer, a cheese grater and about fifteen other awesome items for $37 including tax.  so the excitement isn’t COMPLETELY over.  now i can eat cheese!  in many different ways!

the one serious negative to the weekend (besides the fact that currently my computer is making a weird click noise when i type a y, i, o or u) is that my new roommate and his friend got stuck-up at gunpoint in front of my building yesterday afternoon.  grrrrreat.  scary, terrible introduction to the neighborhood.  he’s going to be gone for a few weeks so i hope when he comes back the sticker-upper is in prison and he can know the neighborhood only as a place where delicious burritos are made.

i also don’t know what more to say about that except: seriously?  i live here.  terrorize your own neighborhood assholes.

finally, in massively unimportant news after that last item: i just washed some underwear in the sink because i am totally and completely out of underwear and this keeps happening to me and it is not anything you care about, just a reminder that i am not completely grown-up yet.  it was strangely satisfying though, the washing.  i used to wash clothes by hand in africa and it was sort of nice and sort of awful.  nice getting your hands warm.  awful because it wasn’t three pairs of underwear but a week’s worth of clothes from a family of six.  of course, that was africa so a week of six people’s clothes is more like one day of one person worth of clothes here.  still.  i’m a lazy rich first world-type.  yeah, i hate myself too, don’t worry.

anyway, i’m tired.  i should get in bed right now.  can you dry clothes with a blow-drier?

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