sparkle city

i just ate a lot of german food with my cousin heather.  delicious and now i want to sleep for a hundred years, preferably somewhere bucolic in germany.

i wore this skirt to work today.  i bought it sunday because apparently to me, a 3rd generation atheist, christmas means buying myself things i can’t afford.  but look at the skirt!  on sale!  originally like 200 plus dollars!  thank god i don’t have kids to support.  kids cannot eat sparkly skirts.

now i need to get a shirt i can wear with the skirt.

i haven’t been sleeping very well lately.  everyone i know is slowly trickling out of san francisco and i am lonely!  which means: too much law & order and a sliding scale of fixation on unhealthy things.  next level: bad dreams.  luckily in 2 days i am flying up to eugene to see my family and get a few precious hours away from the internet.  also lucky: it is raining here so i will be totally ready for eugene.

i am all all about the colons tonight.

my east coast book tour with the lovely marisa crawford and more is turning into something epic.  10 days, 5 readings?  holy shit.  i am going from dc to new york to philadelphia back to new york (1st new york is just for fun) then to western mass (are you ready for me western mass?) and then to richmond and then flying out of dc and boom!  book goes platinum, i go on oprah (don’t worry, i said it’s fiction) and then i am a multi-millionaire (donating large sums of money to cancer research and the girl scouts), living on a working farm close enough to santa cruz that i can ride my bike to go surfing.

don’t worry, there’ll be guest bedrooms.

okay.  how am i going to get from western mass to richmond.  quickly.  for christmas, maybe you should buy me a plane ticket.