blueugene bloregon

here are some pictures of my trip to eugene so far.  not a complete record.  for example, my mom isn’t in any of these and neither are my grandmas or the hotel room or my current desire to move to country that doesn’t celebrate christmas.  happy boxing day!

silly band destruction, by the adorable 2 year old who made the whole things seem vaguely like christmas.

here he is.

cool cousin amy.

blood ackers.

christmas is hard! me in the bathroom, trying to avoid the whole situation.

eugene, where i was born.  feeling a lot of non-nostalgia, wondering why i elected to stay an extra day.

ahh, more non-nostalgia for the bar i snuck into underage which happens to be the same bar my DAD snuck into underage.  family values.

here’s more to feel not-nostalgic about: the church where i went to after-school care.

my first school!  who cares?!

hey christmas, thanks for the migraine!!