like whoa

i’m pretty sure we might be experiencing the end of times.  my plane is delayed 2 hours.  or maybe an hour.  or maybe canceled.  or whatever.

i really want to go home just so i can be there.  but i guess eugene might be a better place to wait out the apocalypse.  my main friend with skills (gun skills really, as in ownership skills, and a truck, both of which seem they might help in an apocalypse situation) is out of the country.  i could break into his house.  but sf will probably be a blood bath.  it’ll be warmer though at least.  maybe i should just start walking to mexico now.  or canada.  i guess it’s just a total gamble but this dramatic climate situation seems to be worst in cold-y, north-y places, so maybe mexico?  is there game to eat in mexico?  natural water supplies?  it might be good if i head home first and get my nocs and my water filter and my tent.  i have a bb gun.  i saw a homeless guy the other day who had rigged-up a trailer for his bike made out of a wheelchair and two crutches.

i should get thicker tires for my bike and make a trailer.

if you can’t tell, i’m listening to girl talk again.

my grandma set me up with a whole ziplock bag of chocolate peanut butter grandpa cookies.  this is a dilemma because i could definitely go for one right now but i could be in this airport until it gets taken over by a band of angry cannibals on motorcycles so it might be smart to save such perfect rations (sugar for the quick energy, protein to keep it going).  such perfect rations could ALSO get me killed.  i don’t have enough for the whole airport.

question: should i start looting now?

okay, my plane actually wasn’t scheduled to leave for an hour from now.  so i might want to wait for a minute before i fully freak.  maybe i’ll just buy some water out of a vending machine, watch law & order and eat some cookies til my flight leaves.

*2 hours later* as i was writing this, an earlier flight to sf was unloaded and out walked the parents of my good friend birch.  his parents are also my good friends.  so i hung out with them for a couple hours, as our flights were delayed and delayed and delayed.  birch’s mom recognized michelle obama’s mother, so we met her and talked to her.  a girl i went to high school with, who was on the flight to sf AFTER mine, walked by.  if you stand still for long enough in the eugene airport you will see every person you ever knew.

my flight is delayed for god only knows how long.  if someone in san francisco can take their anti-fog machine to the airport, i would realllllly appreciate it.

i know it could be much much worse but i need to take a shower and do laundry and mainly, i want to go home.

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  1. First of all, pick Canada for sure. Second of all, this is clearly what they invented airport bars for. Although now that I think of it, I don’t actually recall seeing one at the airport there. What the f*&(I*% is up with Eugene?

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