oh christmas, i remember you, back in the OLD YEAR.  2010.  so retro!  turns out my dad and i look A LOT a like.  this is us.  pretty typical.  he’s awesome with good taste in music.  and since i haven’t gotten many new submissions to adorable dads! he is also the main dad of record.

it works, because he’s adorable.  still: send in pictures.

(oh my god you have no idea how distracted i just got.  let me show you my adhd train of internet nonsense: decided i needed to update adorable dads!->updated->updated on facebook->realized i also NEEDED to update twitter->logged in to adorable dads! twitter account->tweeted one link->starting reading tweets from the random people i have followed, mainly comedians->read someone’s retweet of gawker about sarah palin tweeting the word “homo”->ended up at this article->remembered i was blogging and came back here.  5 minutes.  i completely forgot what i was doing.  i can’t wait for peak oil and the end of the internet.  then i can blog to myself in peace.  or at least tell my monster babies stories about the days before fire-rain and cannibal bandits.)  (if you wonder if i am having trouble with the line between fiction and reality, well, keep it to yourself.)  (just kidding!  let’s talk about it!  what is fiction?!)

(now i just kicked over a full glass of water.  this focusing is so hard.)

anyway, i thought earlier i was ready to make a list.  not a list about silly old 2010 but a list about the arbitrary time that is the next 362 days.  magical 2011.  jade and i keep coming up with things that 2011 is going to be ALL ABOUT.  because there is so much potential right now.  here are some of mine:

1. awesome outfits. i think i will be wearing cooler clothes in 2011.  mainly because i want to.  and since my sparkle skirt was so well received at work i think i can say with almost complete certainty that i will not have to buy anymore goddamn calf-length skirts this year.

2. mormon fashion blogs. i am sort of obsessed with the strange combination of strict religious belief and fashion!  i’m trying to figure out the connection, what it means for me and for america.  i think this will be a long-term research project.

3. uncomfortable conversations about things i did in 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004. i was always pretty sure that if i wrote a book all people who know me well would hate me.  or not sure, just concerned it was a likely possibility.  so far, the impressive thing is that most people just want to talk about it–what’s “true,” especially, which is a tricky question.  i imagine these conversations will continue into 2011 and i will get better at them.  i will also probably be forced to discuss non-book-related choices i made in 2010 too, in some rather uncomfortable settings.  see below:

4. radical honesty/treating people like i want to be treated. though i am generally an extreme (to the point of discomfort) honest person, there were a few things that i did in the second half of 2010 just basically to see what would happen that were not necessarily the most ethical or honest things.  i want to think more about them and decided what they mean to me.  i think i want my intention for the whole year to be “treat other people like i want to be treated.”  i have to decide who that extends to.  for example, i am limiting to people, yes but people i know?  like how is my buying clothes made in china affecting people in factories?  anyway, i think that would be an interesting intention, even if it’s a little fruity or whatever.  i mean, yeah, it’s really fruity, especially since i just said “intention” but still.

5. get something sorted/get another thing unsorted. i would like to get at least one of the unsorted things in my life worked out, maybe three.  here are some of the things: i need to get a doctor and go to it; i need to figure out what i want to do in a more long-term sense, realistically; i need to pay off my credit cards; i need to promote my book so hard i couldn’t possibly promote it any harder; i need to decide if san francisco is where i want to be right now; i need to get my writing practice back in order.

i also hope a new thing comes up to be unsorted about.  something totally insane that i would have never ever thought would happen.  i hope it isn’t anything too awful, especially i don’t want any brain diseases.  but something.  something interesting.

okay.  now it is 10:20pm WHICH IS MY BEDTIME.  xoxoxo