work work work work out

i’m doing work in a cafe with writer friends kevin and ana. i was like 45 minutes late and i have to leave in about an hour and i am completely distracted by all the other people and the music and the slanted table. i used to do work all the time. homework. poem writing. story writing. kevin and ana are grading papers. when i was in fourth grade i wrote a stream of consciousness narrative about my classroom and it was amazing and then my teacher’s cat peed on it and he threw it away. if that piece i wrote in fourth grade was saved on a hard drive somewhere, there wouldn’t be a story like this. i would still have the piece  and i would be able to see how sucky it is. or if it was actually great, i could publish it as fiction about a fourth grade savant. anyway, that’s all hypothetical. i was born in 1982 and my parents liked me a normal amount and my teachers treated me like a human being instead of a little god person and so there isn’t a complete record of everything i have said/done/made/worn since my birth. where am i going with this? i don’t know. i am mixing all the things currently in my brain. i am trying to spend my thinking time thinking about facebook timeline, as i am going to write a piece about it for kqed arts. i have a lot A LOT of different things i want to talk about. and now the stream of consciousness narrative from fourth grade is another thing.


the music here is too loud. i think i can only write things beyond lists in sensory deprivation tanks. i should get one of those.


anyway, my birthday was about a thousand times better than expected. my friend anisse brought me yellow roses and then i took half the day off from work and taught my first yoga class in a real studio. it went pretty well. then i decided last minute to invite some random friends over and i made cupcakes from scratch and my imagination (partially from recipes). i had a nice evening with friends, some of whom had never met before and turned out to hit it off really well. so far being 29 is going well. busy. well. busy.


god. i’m exhausted. i think i need a nap.


there you go, a fully un-genius, semi-stream of consciousness blog post that will now memorialize the first day of october in 2011 for the rest of the time that the internet exists. you’re welcome.