brain damage

this is me talking on the phone to my grandma. i bought some cool new clothes today because i had a little birthday money and i had a near panic attack yesterday at an art show because all my clothes are so lame. now i am talking to my brother about his indoor soccer team. i really like my brother and i wish i was on his indoor soccer team. i would say 60% of my human interactions AT THE LEAST are mediated by technology. if i discount the interactions i have with co-workers, i would say 85% of my human interactions are mediated by technology. WHAT IS THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN?!?!

something about the weather changing has made me extremely sluggish. luckily i committed myself to a yoga class that was getting filmed this morning so i a) had to go to yoga and b) had to bring my a game because there was a camera roaming around. i spent the whole week being dragged into everything except for writing this article i’ve been obsessed with, about facebook timeline. i really hope it gets posted because, as i said, i’m obsessed. i feel like i’ve been embedded in facebook since 2003 and i really need there to be some reason for it, at least after the fact.
so, we’ll see. keep your eyes peeled next week. now i am going to get embedded in hulu, potentially someday i will get to write about that too.