it’s time to have the talk

today was a nice sunday. one of the things about not having a car is that you can’t rush too much, which helps calm it down on the weekends. first pete came over for delicious feast-breakfast. then, i went to the beach, which took ages. it was nice to ride the muni train all the way to the end of the line. i dozed off a little, which seems safe out there for some reason. i tried to do some work at a little cafe. i ate a sandwich. a girl i knew randomly happened to be working there. then i went for a walk from the end of one muni line to the end of the other, down the beach.

i collected various pretty things on the walk and then put them all in the sand before i left the beach. it’s so tempting to take every pretty rock and every perfect sand dollar, but i also don’t know what i would do with them and also, take only pictures/leave only footprints, right?

it ended up being a gorgeous day and at the end of my walk the sun came out at ocean beach. i took the train home, not before seeing my favorite place in the world. or at least in that area. someday i want to take the train and go there on a vacation. i guess bring my surfboard on the train. THEY HAVE A FREAKING HOT TUB.

anyway, i hope everyone else had equally nice sundays. time to take a shower and get ready to do the whole thing over again. good night!