freak week

i have been not treating this blog with proper respect, i know. i don’t know what happened to my life; it just got fully crazy. like every second on my google calendar is full of something. people who want to hang out with me have to ask two weeks in advance. i’ve started straight-up ignoring emails and invitations to things. anyway, i haven’t prioritized the blog, clearly.

some stuff i have prioritized:

i’ve been writing a lot for kqed arts. my latest piece to be posted is about facebook timeline.

i’ve been eating like once a day at this vegan restaurant by my house, since another thing i haven’t prioritized is grocery shopping. they have this thing that is beans, rice, kale and garlic tahini that i want to be the only thing i ever eat. unfortunately, it costs money. everything costs money.

speaking of…i got a new tattoo yesterday. i will post a picture at some point, i just want to not shock my family too much so stage one is saying it happened, letting that sink in. it’s an eagle and it is on the opposite leg from the shark.

speaking of…it cost money, which is something i never have, so i decided to sell some stuff in my room on craigslist. i’m starting with my keyboard and this dvd player i bought and never used. i’m working my way towards feeling less irresponsible. i’m trying to figure out what else i can sell.

anyway. that is my story, at this moment. that picture is from another kqed arts piece i did for halloween. read what i write. love forever. more soon.