laying waste to halloween

here’s some things:

1. yesterday i rode my bike about 40 miles! with another human being! in the beautiful sunshine!

2. after the bike ride i came home and then went to see j. edgar with jade. i was very excited as j. edgar hoover is one of my favorite topics and leonardo dicaprio is one of my favorite famous humans, both things tracing back to about sixth grade when i wanted to be an fbi agent and assist in ANY WAY POSSIBLE the very troubled youth in basketball diaries. the movie didn’t disappoint me but it was a lot different than i expected. it was really a love story almost, between hoover and his number two guy. oh unrequitable love! another thing i have felt dramatic about since sixth grade. puberty turns us into people with strong attachments to things, and lots of feelings.

3. i feel like i have been tired almost constantly since we went back to standard time.

4. i’m not sure i should be home alone listening to bon iver sing “i can’t make you love me.”

5. holy shit it’s the middle of november.

6. i hope you’ve gotten your affairs in order.

7. 2012.