why i am 100% okay with breaking the necks of the mice in my apartment

i know a lot of people feel bad about killing anything. i have vegan friends and yoga/vegan friends who would happily spend a lot of time trapping mice and freeing them somewhere, or making their houses completely inhospitable to mice, than doing what i did last night, which was set traps and break the necks of four tiny rodents. it’s pretty well known that i am not a vegan or even a vegetarian and it is documented (somewhere) that i have attempted to kill animals for food and have in fact killed animals for other people to eat. i try to be ethical about consuming meat, sure, just like i try to be ethical about everything i consume (clothes, bikes, cellphone service) but the reality of the world is that a) everything dies and b) most things die of something other than old age. okay, there are a lot of other realities too, but in terms of killing the mice in my house, here is just a short list of reasons why you don’t have to do it but it made sense to me to do it:

1. it’s my fucking house. i pay rent. i want to be able to hang out in my living room without mice darting around my feet. i want to be able to cook dinner without a mouse staring at me from behind the refrigerator.

2. mice multiply like crazy and definitely are not an endangered species. in terms of the bigger picture, i could have captured and released (where? dolores park?) these little guys, maybe, but then what? they have thirty babies a piece and then die two days later anyway? i’m all for “do no violence” but what about the violence that over-population of a species does on habitats (including MY habitat, my apartment).

3. every single thing we do kills bugs and mice and bigger, cooler animals. since human beings have been around, every place they go they DESTROY other species. the littler ones have adapted to us. the ones we usually extinct are the BIG ones. i am not a person who thinks god said humans would have dominion over everything but i am a person who believes in biology over magical thinking. me killing four mice solved, for now, my mouse problem. it also stopped the babies of those mice from causing my neighbors problems.

i hope no one is too sad about this. i totally respect the rights of other people to do what they want with their mice. just sometimes i think, hey! i have an opinion about this too!