hey guys! i’m right here! i know it’s been a long long time since i have done a good job updating my blog. i have a lot of excuses, mainly related to working and yoga and traveling but they all sort of come back to netflix instant view.


i was sick over thanksgiving and last night i started feeling the sickness again. every single person in the whole world has been sick so i am working hard to not have me be one of every single person in the whole world again. i bought more vitamin c and i am not doing ANY EXERCISE today. maybe i’ll go to bed super early.


i hope these brownies i am making for work on thursday aren’t contagious.


i payed someone to clean my house today and it really was only partially as awesome as i thought it would be. it’s been my life long dream to have someone else clean my house and now i just realize i can do every thing they did in about 8 seconds, i just need to suck it up.


i am really exceptionally spoiled by myself. if i had a husband or children i am sure i would happily sacrifice but since my life is kind of lonely and all basically virtual anyway, i spend money on stupid things like acid wash leggings and a house cleaner and kombucha.


if you feel jealous of me, stop. you probably have TRUE LOVE or something. you probably don’t live with zombie mice.


not that i am complaining. my life is fantastic and everything. but it is nice to have someone to scrub your floor for. or make dinner for. it’s motivational.


okay well, clearly i haven’t been writing because i don’t have much to say. and it’s only 6:20 and i am exhausted. pray for my brownies! happy hanukkah!