merry merry

i’ve spent a lot of time in airports recently. thanksgiving in portland, grandpa’s 90th birthday in eugene, christmas in port angeles. now i am in the seattle airport. i got up super early this morning so i could take the bus from pa to seattle to see pete and his friends from high school. we had some delicious food and drinks and it was all in all a great morning and a nice end to a nice vacation. i have to say, seattle does have some pretty nice places and it is generally friendlier than san francisco. port angeles is pretty much completely dead but it is also gorgeous. the problem with this area in general though is the UNENDING DARK. the cloud cover is constant. i thought this morning i might see a sunrise on the ferry but instead the sky just got a little less dark. i guess i’ve gotten too used to the blue sky and the sunshine. i’m a traitor. but there is something about seeing the sky that makes me feel like some things are actually real.


well anyway, there’s my plane. in case you are wondering, my favorite album this year is without a doubt bon iver bon iver. i’ve gone on a lot of repetitive music kicks this year but bon iver…he’s a winner.