welcome to the world baby girl

so i got a new phone, which i am paying for myself, which i think makes me one step closer to being a grown-up by the time i turn 30. it is an iphone, which i have mixed feelings about. on the negative: chinese people were harmed for it to be made, i am worried i am going to grow emotionally attached to a piece of tech, and it’s just so expected. i WOULD live in san francisco and wear skinny jeans and ride a public bike and get an iphone. jesus. on the positive: it actually functions so i don’t have to wait 30 minutes to reply to a text and i can hear my parents talking to me on the phone. and it has a sweeeeeet camera. if you want to see all the pictures i am taking, here’s my tumblr, where i am posting them.


that’s pretty much today’s news. new tech, more links, THE INTERNET IS TAKING OVER. enjoy it while you can. i have it on good authority this won’t last long.