weather weather

there’s something about this heat and then fog that makes me feel the same way i felt when i first moved to san francisco: like everything is totally possible and something amazing could happen at any moment.

it also helps that it’s sunday night after a real WEEKEND weekend. one of the best i have had in months. first i finished this great book my boss lent me, never let me go.  then i got a zip car and drove the two gorgeous dudes pictured above to the russian river where we rented a canoe and i showed them my crazy canoe skills. it was 100 degrees and we swam in the river and sang songs to each other and used enough sunscreen that i didn’t even get a sunburn. then we drove into healdsburg and ate mexican food and drank a little white wine. afterwards, i drove us back to the city and we watched the thermometer go from 99 to 63 while we sang along to our favorite songs and made faces at boys in convertibles.

today i went rock climbing twice, took a nap, bought some food at the fancy new market by my house, went to a yin yoga class and rode home in the 100% humidity fog cloud. i also made an appointment. now i have two tattoos set up for this summer.

you know how when you are hung over there’s this moment when you are like, “oh! i’m not hung over any more! i feel fabulous now!” i think it’s the same way when you are sad and while i wouldn’t say i am at the revelatory moment yet, i am definitely getting there. like i am at that stage where i am feeling pretty okay, drinking a lot of water and telling anyone who will listen that i will never drink again. but the other part is coming. which is perfect because this weather makes my hair look great.