demon possession

i got a new tattoo last week. well, more like last week plus 3 days ago. i have an appointment for another one tonight. it’s going to be a poem and when it is done, i will post it for you to see. it’s monday and i feel exactly like i felt back in 2004 when i wrote this poem. not the poem i am about to get tattooed on me, that’s a gary snyder poem. this poem, that i am posting below. i’m pretty sure i wrote it 2004. maybe 2003. anyway, i’ve probably posted it on my blog before but somethings should be posted often. maybe my saturn return isn’t as over yet as i would have liked to believe:


Beat Demon Possession by Taking a Cold Shower!


Sometimes you might freak out

like a total freak attack

like your whole body is just going to

explode and smash little you-pieces

through windows and jars and stuff.


That, my friend, is Demon Possession

and when Demons posses you (and

don’t worry, they will)

just jump into a cold shower

demons can’t take that shit!


Lizzy Acker