black and orange black and orange black and orange

truth: i haven’t updated this blog since august. in that time i’ve gotten my 7th tattoo, gone to burning man, turned 30, gone to 3 weddings, had at LEAST 3 birthday parties and the giants won the world series. pretty much only major events have happened. so many major events. tonight is like a 5 hour break between life-changing, dramatic excitement so i put on this charcoal mask i got free in the mail and now i am typing one handed because i have to hold my computer up to my face to see without my glasses on. spoiler alert: it’s barely working.

next week: election 2012 in which i get to be IN THE NEWSROOM social media-ing like crazy. then i am flying to new york for a veterans day adventure. and then? i don’t know but i can pretty much guarantee you it’s going to be amazing. now that i am 30, everything is amazing. so, thanks for stopping by and check out this interview with ME in sf weekly! future future future! the end!