Sun Sets Again And Again

JRj_YJoulFEMTtEzhKecseVMvu8fj3q0wuDXN-txUtMFor now, I only write about boats. Boats are my new extreme interest. Pete and I have been out in our boat (we’re calling her Snick Snack but maybe something more dignified will be her official title) a lot and we also managed to use my Oregon tattoo and Corvallis connection to make friends with some strangers who took us sailing on their sail boat last weekend. Sometimes, when you are making a movie on a boat in the month of September (well known as the best month of the year in the Bay Area) everything not-boat related is difficult. Tonight I bought myself new work shoes and it was a CHALLENGE. However, I was pretty glad I did it almost immediately. Now I don’t have to buy new work shoes for 5 years or so.

Anyway, I have started writing stories for the project about a guy named Paul. I have also started considering sailing the world on a boat, though that also sounds terrifying. Also, my email address isn’t working. Email me instead at if you have questions for me.

Now, I’m tired so just enjoy this sunset boat dance picture. Good night!