We Can’t Separate the Art from the Artist Anymore

The Tusk


I’ve been thinking about this question that gets asked over and over again, every time some famous (frequently/usually) male person is discovered to be an abuser of other people–children, women, men, all of the above. It’s a rhetorical question that is becoming less and less rhetorical. The answer is always vague, which is why we keep asking it. But I think it’s time that we stop wavering so much, getting theoretical and pretending like this is grad school instead of real life. We need to pick a side. The question is: “Can we separate the art from the artist?” Starting now the only ethical answer is: “No.”

I get it. We all like Roman Polanski’s movies, Bill Cosby’s sitcoms, Jian Ghomeshi’s interviews, Woody Allen’s comedy. We like those things and don’t want to feel guilty for liking them–we don’t feel like our laughter or interest should implicate us in any…

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