We Probably Shouldn’t Trust Andrew Jarecki

The Tusk


All afternoon I felt a sort of unsettled distress and I couldn’t quite pinpoint it–it was beyond the usual work stress, commuting stress, family stress: a disturbance in the field. And then in the shower I suddenly remembered: I went on a deep Capturing the Friedmans dive this morning and the stench of the whole thing is still clinging to my skin.

Last month I, like, everyone else with access to HBOGo, became obsessed with The Jinx. That final scene, where Robert Durst confesses into a mic he forgot about as he pees, that scene threw me over a cliff and left me for dead. It was fucking amazing. Top class TV. I believed it with my whole heart. I loved Andrew Jarecki (and I guess his partner Marc Smerling). So I decided to revisit their other powerhouse production, the aforementioned Capturing the Friedmans, the story of a family…

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