Analysis: Stress Dreams I Have Had Recently

The Tusk


Today is my first day at a new and exciting job and I am terrified. I mean, I don’t feel terrified, I feel vaguely nervous, but I’ve been having an unusual number of dreams that cause me to awaken in a panic, while it is still dark outside. Change is hard, I guess, and my subconscious is trying to deal with it. Here is an analysis of some of those dreams.

I’m in my boyfriend’s house and his roommates and I are talking about tattoos. It is decided that I will get a stick and poke tattoo of Robin Lopez on my skull but first I have to shave my head so they can give me the tattoo. I am worried about shaving my head, even though I know my hair will grow back over the tattoo. I get into a bathtub as they prepare to shave my head. I wake…

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