David Letterman Isn’t That Great

The Tusk


Look, I don’t want to be a total buzzkill but here it is: David Letterman is just…whatever, you know? Amongst all these Best of David Letterman crap fests flying around the internet for the last million years it seems like, I am surprised there seems to be so little shoulder shrugging and remembering that he’s just your average old white guy who got a great job back when they were basically handing out the great jobs to white guys. He’s just been around the longest. Congrats. At the factory, they give guys like him a watch or something. Okay, yes, we don’t have factories anymore but like, say you work at the call center until they force you out because you’re senile? Hopefully you get at least a watch for that. David Letterman totally deserves a watch. But all this rhapsodizing about how wonderful and blah blah blah he was? Um…

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