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Party Girls

Holy shit it’s June. The middle of June. What the hell have I been up to? That, my friends, is a good question. It’s almost my bed time and my hair is wet (unrelated) but here’s a short highlight reel: 1. I got a JOB. Doing social media for POWELL’S. I know, it’s amazing and […]

laying waste to halloween

here’s some things: 1. yesterday i rode my bike about 40 miles! with another human being! in the beautiful sunshine! 2. after the bike ride i came home and then went to see j. edgar with jade. i was very excited as j. edgar hoover is one of my favorite topics and leonardo dicaprio is […]

wind machine

i am tired.  today i rode to tiburon and then back to in-n-out and then took the bus home.  i also weirdly got a flat tire at the bus stop so i went to get it fixed (yes i can fix my own flat but i would have to buy a new extra tube anyway […]

points a b and c

sunday, santa cruz. best yet. best ever. due to issues with a new tattoo (not mine, but i am getting tempted…) we did not surf. instead pete and i rented cruiser bikes and rode to the beach where we met up with some people we know. then we went with them to the boardwalk (see […]

two tickets to the gun show

it is crazy windy outside. gusting at 35 mph the weather said this morning. i rode my bike to and from school (work) and on the way the great highway was blocked off to cars and there was a super strong tail wind. basically it was amazing. the way back i rode through the city. […]

dazzle camouflage

i just turned in my last project to turn in today for my teaching literature class. three weeks of a sophomore non-major lit class based on “the american scholar” and american history x. tomorrow i have to go back to the printmaking studio and clean all my stuff up. and then the first week of […]

i woke up today in a very simple way

it’s saturday night which means the building is crazy. well not as crazy as it has been with the apocalyptic weather, but i hear a baby crying and a tv. it’s only 10:17. things might get crazier. i have been a BAD BLOGGER lately. let me catch you up: thursday i rode to school (it […]