go america!

i'm not sure why veterans' day was a thursday.  can someone explain this to me?  my brain is not currently functioning at top levels, even though i went to bed at 9:30 last night for real.  i need some extra vitamins. my mom called me twice last night to check that i was alive which … Continue reading go america!


experiences we didn't know we were having

so i got the new mattress and all i want is my old mattress back.  it is like a warm inviting cave.  this new mattress has a small carbon footprint but is also sort of crinkly and bumpy.  they won't let me return it for 30 days though so maybe it will grow on me.  … Continue reading experiences we didn't know we were having

cheap date

last night i went out with some friends from state.  it was a pretty fun time, so fun that after 1.2 drinks i pulled my pants down in the booth so everyone could see my tattoo.  i am the most classy of all the people.  after that adventure i went to meet up with jade … Continue reading cheap date