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real human being

holy shit where have i been?? busy. freaking out. working. ROCK CLIMBING. meeting jim lehrer. yesterday we had 2 big-ish earthquakes. well, biggest ones i have ever felt. i am now certain that earthquakes are scary and i don’t think we need any more. the second one happened while i was in the movie theater […]

hide your kids, hide your wife

here are the celebrity sightings of the week: jimmy carter and mark bittman.  work is CRAZY besides the obvious important photo-ops with influential men.  plus i have had some awesome visits by friends.  and the world series just started.  note the ‘fear the beard’ shirt.  what i am saying is: i’m tired.  i’m going to […]

flight plan

today is a day with a little of the creeping sadness.  it is a slow time at work and i think i got too hungry, even though i went grocery shopping at lunch to get more salami and vegetables.  i think getting too hungry greatly increases the chances of crying which might have been my […]

calling me all the time

pete and i went surfing this morning with his brother-in-law ray. it was about a million times better than last time. i only got one wave and only sort of but i got out into the line up TWICE. the second time was after i got smashed in the middle two times in a row […]

the brain

(yes, i am the ugly pained-looking person on the left. and yes, everyone at work has given me shit about it so you don’t have to.) sometimes i think my brain is completely giving out. right now it is hurting, migraine-style. i know, the computer isn’t helping. this will be short. i was just thinking […]


(this picture is from yesterday but you get the idea.) important things you should know:1. benjamin bratt was at my work today, on the radio with his brother promoting their new movie la mission which is set and filmed RIGHT HERE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. the ladies in the office like an attractive man (last time […]

star police

here are a few pictures from la, where we went this weekend: these are the creepy shining girls riding their matching bikes in silent circles on the end of the pier. this is two tough guys, pete and neil, looking hella tough. this is three tough guys walking into the fog on the pier. it […]