real human being

holy shit where have i been?? busy. freaking out. working. ROCK CLIMBING. meeting jim lehrer. yesterday we had 2 big-ish earthquakes. well, biggest ones i have ever felt. i am now certain that earthquakes are scary and i don't think we need any more. the second one happened while i was in the movie theater … Continue reading real human being


hide your kids, hide your wife

here are the celebrity sightings of the week: jimmy carter and mark bittman.  work is CRAZY besides the obvious important photo-ops with influential men.  plus i have had some awesome visits by friends.  and the world series just started.  note the 'fear the beard' shirt.  what i am saying is: i'm tired.  i'm going to … Continue reading hide your kids, hide your wife

flight plan

today is a day with a little of the creeping sadness.  it is a slow time at work and i think i got too hungry, even though i went grocery shopping at lunch to get more salami and vegetables.  i think getting too hungry greatly increases the chances of crying which might have been my … Continue reading flight plan