laying waste to halloween

here's some things: 1. yesterday i rode my bike about 40 miles! with another human being! in the beautiful sunshine! 2. after the bike ride i came home and then went to see j. edgar with jade. i was very excited as j. edgar hoover is one of my favorite topics and leonardo dicaprio is … Continue reading laying waste to halloween


real human being

holy shit where have i been?? busy. freaking out. working. ROCK CLIMBING. meeting jim lehrer. yesterday we had 2 big-ish earthquakes. well, biggest ones i have ever felt. i am now certain that earthquakes are scary and i don't think we need any more. the second one happened while i was in the movie theater … Continue reading real human being

cheap date

last night i went out with some friends from state.  it was a pretty fun time, so fun that after 1.2 drinks i pulled my pants down in the booth so everyone could see my tattoo.  i am the most classy of all the people.  after that adventure i went to meet up with jade … Continue reading cheap date

space face

you know what show i now officially hate?  pushing daisies.  it's old, i know, and canceled, but in this time of tribulation when instead of a drinking binge i am on a tv binge, i am experiencing all netflix instant view has to offer.  i am doing this for you my friends.  and this show, … Continue reading space face