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i take what i can get

sometimes i am a selfish jerk. like tonight i told my roommate i would help him with this thing whenever and then my friends showed up at my door to see if i wanted to go get a margarita and i was like, “absolutely” and totally ditched my roommate in his hour of need. i […]


this is my bike at the beach in between fisherman’s wharf and fort mason. this is where the people in wetsuits go swimming. what is this beach called? it was 80 degrees again today and i went on a longer marathon bike ride all over. i even bought some cheap bike lights and rode my […]

down with dissenters!

i’ve been irritated for 2 whole days. i don’t know when it started exactly but i’m going to guess it began on thursday morning when i woke up, like i always do, an hour before my alarm went off. why self? why can’t you just sleep until the alarm goes off like a normal person? […]

nonsense but with pictures

today a guy called the poetry center and no one was around and he talked to me for 15 minutes. i’ve never met him before. it’s looking more and more likely every day that 2 of the world’s most attractive corvallis high school graduates might come stay with me the last week of march. here […]

the middle school of graduate schools

so in there are 3 people besides me in my carver class who were in my short stories class last semester, 2 boys and a girl. because i don’t know anyone else in the class, i usually sit with these people but i am not part of their club. it’s strange because we all met […]