readings in march

i'm doing 2 readings in march!! are you coming?


big lights

well.  big week: over.  it was epic; it was wonderful.  there were ups (anytime any person laughed).  there were downs (i wore a completely inappropriate skirt to work meeting because i wanted to look cool for a reading).  but it happened, i sold some books (pre-sold) and now it is sunday and i am majorly … Continue reading big lights

the good life

the reading last night went really really well.  good crowd, a lot of my friends were there including people who've never seen me read before which is exciting and scary.  then there was the hanging out after which brings total number of nights with not enough sleep and too much carousing up to four this … Continue reading the good life


i'm tired.  i just spent three nights in a row hanging out with friends, drinking and talking.  it's like old times kind of, but with less drinking.  two of the nights were actually spent hanging out with my new friend/temp roommate michael who turns out to basically be the awesomest.  like i once told jessie … Continue reading go-getter

magic in me

i got this brilliant idea like yesterday that i could just switch the tires on ghost rider 2 for the creamsicle.  i didn't go to yoga after work, instead i did bike alchemy.  it didn't really work because the cassette on ghost rider 2 is too big for creamsicle.  i think.  but i did give … Continue reading magic in me