we're having a heat wave and i have been trying to catch-up on my sleep.  it's part of the healthy living plan i occasionally remember.  it involves yoga--which i don't have a problem remembering, less computer staring--which i do have a problem remembering, cooking at home, eating breakfast, not drinking very much alcohol, drinking a … Continue reading zzzzzz


hands up

this is the new bike i got from the lady i work with.  i am calling it the creamsicle because it is orange and my other bikes, which are white, are ghost rider 1 and ghost rider 2.  ghost rider 2 is missing a cotter pin that was removed by someone who promised they would … Continue reading hands up


tonight i got a last-minute invitation to go see a comedy benefit for 826 valencia. my roommate's friend who works for youtube had an extra ticket and she couldn't go so she had him take me instead. my roommates. such nice people. anyway, the whole thing was hilarious. i wore make-up. patton oswald was there … Continue reading funny