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relationship status

guess what i am done with? answer: graduate school. i am actually pretty excited about it, which i wasn’t expecting. i guess i thought it wouldn’t change anything. BUT I WAS WRONG! i do feel like this one thing is done and now i can get on with my life. like i don’t have to […]

snapping turtles

today was a pretty nice day in which we did some pretty nice things: go to sonoma and see my uncle, go to el metate, you know. the weather was insanely nice and right now i should be out! enjoying my youth! but going out is so so so expensive and i am not the […]

unimportant victory

i got my thesis printed today. very anticlimactic. it only took kinko’s three tries. they are like the absolute definition of incompetent. i also bought some new bulk tea. very unimportant. very nice. i think i am addicted to the misery that is breaking bad. i can’t believe every show in the world isn’t available […]


(this picture is from yesterday but you get the idea.) important things you should know:1. benjamin bratt was at my work today, on the radio with his brother promoting their new movie la mission which is set and filmed RIGHT HERE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD. the ladies in the office like an attractive man (last time […]

bigger stronger better

what you are seeing here is me about to get serious. two pages left on my paper. syllabus to fix up. i have a smoothie. a wooden table. an outlet for my computer. day off from work. coldplay. i am expecting to finally feel the sense of relief people are always going on about when […]

tao fight

(i’m putting up these pictures of me so you can feel like i am telling you this. very loudly. into your eyeballs.) i think i am trying to try to be in the present moment but it is hard. for one thing, I AM STILL SICK. yeah okay it’s only been like 4 days and […]

the department of health and mental hygiene

I’m getting shit done! for example, i woke up feeling a lot less like a sleepy train wreck. i even washed my hair: then i sort of picked up my room and gathered all my comp pieces of paper in one place. these things happen in steps. then i went to lunch at burma superstar […]