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on the couch under blankets

here is a picture i took the other morning of my amazing hair: there you go. that is what i look like every morning. i’d try to go to work like this but i might get arrested for being so god damn amazing. here is me currently, hair less cool: last night pete and i […]

the ultimate

this weekend was usual in how epic it was. it rated approximately a 12 on the living the dream scale which usually goes only to 10. we walked around in panoche hills and some other areas south of here, sort of like lewis and clark, looking for animals. here is what the place looked like: […]

i win even when i don't cheat

today my mom and i went shopping downtown and i bought myself some totally sweet sparkle pink lip gloss. it goes so well with my sparkle blue eyeliner that i will probably shortly be wearing it every day. when we got home someone had ended two young pigeon lives by cleaning away the nest. good […]

choose life

the pigeon now has two eggs. it’s getting a little creepy. there is a certain contingent that says throw the whole nest down the garbage shoot. then there’s me who thinks it might be interesting to see what happens. though what would i do if this was a rat nest? though what would i do […]

the gradual destruction of the human race

yesterday or maybe thursday i noticed a pile of twigs and leaves next to the garbage shoot outside my back door. i thought, “hmm why are there twigs out here?” and then, “maybe i should move them?” but i didn’t. and today i opened my back door and a pigeon flew up and i realized […]

what did you swallow?

here are some pictures. the zoo with deirdre! cousin and grandma! erica and the shirt at chopsticks! mixing chopsticks with my personal life! pre-zoo beach party! new years with pete!


i made this video today. it took me a very long time and then i tried to add music and imovie crashed and i lost mostly the whole thing. all that was saved were some clips, which i rearranged as best as i could. still i couldn’t add music. now i can’t find any way […]