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Sometimes people ask me: “How do you make it as a successful writer? Where does your inspiration come from? HOW IS YOUR GENIUS SAUSAGE MADE?!” So here’s a look behind the scenes, at my process. Copyright Lizzy Acker. You’re welcome. My legs itched for two years. I thought it was…

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Look, I don’t want to be a total buzzkill but here it is: David Letterman is just…whatever, you know? Amongst all these Best of David Letterman crap fests flying around the internet for the last million years it seems like, I am surprised there seems to be so little shoulder shrugging…

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Today is my first day at a new and exciting job and I am terrified. I mean, I don’t feel terrified, I feel vaguely nervous, but I’ve been having an unusual number of dreams that cause me to awaken in a panic, while it is still dark outside. Change is hard,…

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This year for our reading at AWP, I decided to read an old, old story that I wrote when I was an undergrad. It is, as the title says, a sci-fi erotica choose-your-own-adventure. When I turned this in for class, my teacher said: “This sex scene makes it seem like…

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All afternoon I felt a sort of unsettled distress and I couldn’t quite pinpoint it–it was beyond the usual work stress, commuting stress, family stress: a disturbance in the field. And then in the shower I suddenly remembered: I went on a deep Capturing the Friedmans dive this morning and the stench…


Last weekend I talked to Matt and Aaron from Matt and Aaron Make a Podcast, all about Downton Abbey. You should listen! Find out how I rank the characters and how much I hate Donk!


Guys! My books are BOTH in-stock at Powell’s and AVAILABLE ONLINE. RIGHT NOW. Who knows for how long?! So, go to Powells.com and buy my books. You can get Monster Party or you can get Half-Life or if you want YOU CAN GET THEM BOTH. Feeling sad about global warming? I recommend either of my books. Not sure what […]


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