I think breaks are important. Like now, I’m on a mind break. This is a picture of me during my mind break time, in which I have become concerned with things like knitting and exercise. I think everything’s going to work out.


So my friends Nate and Audrey and I started a new blog called The Tusk. Here’s the first thing I wrote, all about Upworthy and how we can do better at the internet. You should check out our blog because it’s the next best thing n the world.


So…I’m recapping Downton Abbey again for KQED. My first one is up today on KQED Pop. And so it begins.   Welcome back, friends. How are you doing? I mean, like, emotionally? Are you still having thoseharrowing flashbacks every time you drive smiling down a sun-dappled country road? When your friends are even a little sick, do you […]


Did you know that I am writing for PolicyMic? Did I mention that? I am! Today I wrote about how being single prepares you for death but it’s less morbid than it sounds! It’s interesting writing for a new place. I am learning a lot, every day, always. Other news: today was my last Friday […]


This is a confession: about 7 years ago I started reading a blog written by a woman about my age. In a lot of ways, her life couldn’t have been more different than mine: she had 2 kids, a husband, a house. She lived on the other side of the country and was a stay-at-home […]


Two things. One: I am listening to this song on repeat. I can’t stop. There’s a website that let’s you play YouTube videos over and over again and that’s what I am doing. Second: I’m leaving the Bay Area at the beginning of December. I am very sad/happy about this. If you see me any […]


Just thought you should know. Also I have a story up on PolicyMic and, as usual, one on KQED Pop. One is about startup guys ruining the neighborhood and one is about Kim K. I woke up this morning with bags under my eyes and now I look like I’m 40 instead of 31. Oh […]


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