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13 years ago I was asleep in my bed, in the bedroom I’d slept in since I was eight years old. In a little less than three weeks, on my 19th birthday, I would be leaving home, officially and forever, for college, but my school started late so I was…


Guys. The Gorilla Press put out a zine of some of my NEW STORIES. This is spectacular for a lot of reasons but mainly NEW STORIES. I WROTE STORIES AND THEY ARE NEW. Writing not for the internet is one of my favorite things–so is writing for the internet, just to be clear, but they […]

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These legs belong to my brother but they are an accurate approximation of what my legs would look like in their natural state. When I was a kid, one of the things I thought was coolest about myself was the¬†quarter part of my ancestry that was Jewish. I read ALL…


I got a Facebook message this morning from someone I haven’t spoken too in at least six or seven years, that suggested I should be ashamed of myself for something he thought I’d implied, maybe in something I wrote years ago, I’m not 100% sure exactly but I can make some guesses. It’s a strange […]


Holy shit it’s June. The middle of June. What the hell have I been up to? That, my friends, is a good question. It’s almost my bed time and my hair is wet (unrelated) but here’s a short highlight reel: 1. I got a JOB. Doing social media for POWELL’S. I know, it’s amazing and […]


I think breaks are important. Like now, I’m on a mind break. This is a picture of me during my mind break time, in which I have become concerned with things like knitting and exercise. I think everything’s going to work out.


So my friends Nate and Audrey and I started a new blog called The Tusk. Here’s the first thing I wrote, all about Upworthy and how we can do better at the internet. You should check out our blog because it’s the next best thing n the world.


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