Here are some of my best things that I think you should read:

From Willamette Week:
Nine Compliments for Foster the People
Harper Lee’s Racist New Book Shouldn’t Destroy Your Love for Scout Finch
The Talk: How to Explain Mermaid Sex to Your Kids
First Taste: Renata, The Oregonian’s restaurant of the year

From The Tusk:
Here’s Why We Started The Tusk
How to Be Friends Like a Grown-Up
Unpopular Counterpoint: Stop Making Kids Declare a Gender
A Feminist Guide to the Patriarchy and Your Body Hair
The Mystical Portal of Premenstrual Sadness

From PolicyMic:
Being Single Prepares You To Die Alone and That’s a Good Thing
The Scary Science-Fiction of Google Glass is About to be Unleashed Upon Us All

From KQED Pop:
Dave Eggers, The Circle and Why I’m Leaving San Francisco
Being 14 and then Being 31
The Smiley Face Dilemma: Using (and Abusing) the World’s Most Popular Emoticon
Let Miley Dance: Jezebel and Their Cultural Appropriation Problem
Macklemore is a Feminist Who Proves Conclusively that Irony Should be Dead

From KQED Arts:
5 Reasons Why Weddings Are Performance Art Pieces
I Had So Much Fun At Burning Man
11 Steps to Getting a Tattoo You Won’t Regret for the Rest of Your Life
‘The Bachelor’ Addiction and Why It Must Stop (After Tonight)
Uhh Yeah Dude — The Podcast That Saved My Life
We Had So Much Fun While You Were At Burning Man


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