Lizzy Acker’s first book is a collection of short stories about boys, violence, drinking and aliens.  It was released on December 11, 2010 from Small Desk Press.

Praise for Monster Party:

“I remember the first time I read Irvine Welsh and thinking ‘my god, how does this guy do it?’ Meaning, not only write with the terrible awful beauty he does, but also how does he go on living if he knows this stuff? I felt a similar thing when I finished reading Lizzy Acker’s MONSTER PARTY: How does she do it? Write that way and keep on keeping on even after she knows this horrible life stuff? This book is the real deal – with a voice that is true and truly its own, characters mushing towards and away from each other in pathetic, funny, wounded human, fucked-up ways that will break whatever is left of your tired heart.”

Rebecca Brown, The Gifts of the Body

“If there is a genre called Southern Gothic, shouldn’t there be a genre called Northwest Abjection?  And voila! here is a shining example.  Lizzy Acker’s novella seems awkward, unresolved, and right, like she’s some kind of corn-fed Zen mistress, imminence pouring like daylight into her intolerable fables of life’s hilarious randomness.  Meanwhile, the search for love and perhaps most importantly the attempt to somehow get through the day twist emotions and plotlines.  What a wonderful book!”

Robert Glück, Jack the Modernist

“Lizzy Acker’s Monster Party is a rager of vulnerable tomboy bravado. This is the girl who you want holding back your hair at the end of the night, totally in touch with the ridiculous sickness of life – all its sad absurdity, useless longings, flares of courage and derring-do. There’s a goofy punch of love fist-kissing the the heart of this book, bruising its tough poetry with melancholy humor. Totally awesome.”

Michelle Tea, Valencia

Read a really nice review from New Pages and another from Noö Journal.  Also see what The Rumpus had to say about it.

Order your copy!

Find out more about the awesome cover, designed by Josh Evans.

Lizzy Acker’s also has a zine from The Gorilla Press! Buy a copy from The Gorilla Press! Or buy a copy from Powell’s!


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