Eleven PDX writes:

“Acker’s writing has remained consistently personal and bold, as well as hilarious.”

Scott McHale (full article here)

Here’s what some other people have to say about Monster Party:

“Get the term Lizzy Acker-esque ready. There’s a new literary monster on the block. Her debut is a huge accomplishment unto itself and predicts great things to come.”

Tessa Mellas, New Pages (full review here)

“Each story is worth reading, down to the last word. Whether you can relate to the stories, pick them up and chew on them to reveal their taste, or simply stare at the words until they come together and slap you in the face with meaning—this book is worth the time.”

Alicia LaRosa, Noö Journal (full review here)

“In the title story, we follow these adults slowly shedding their cuteness and realizing their horizon of sadness and pain.”

Matt McGegor, The Rumpus (full review here)

“Men should read this book too, but warning fellas, it will make you sad. Remember when you were young and worried and trying so hard to be so many great things and to fall in love and be loved but all you had was loneliness? There were girls just like you, in your classrooms, on your bus, in your homeroom, at the coffee shop, in your friends dormitory, all around you the whole time, your whole life, waiting, like you were, just to be found.”

Riley Michael Parker, Small Doggies Magazine (full review here)

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