Live Appearances!


Photo by Anastasia V. Greer

Upcoming readings!

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Previous readings!


Feb. 10, So’Wester Again! Seaview, WA w/ Martha Grover, Hajara Quinn + more


Dec. 9, Funny/Sexy/SadMolasses Books Brooklyn, NY w/ Amira Pierce, Tom Batten, Nate Waggoner, Danya Kukafka + Ziwe

Sept. 9 and 10, Mortified @ The Alberta Rose Theatre, Portland, OR

March 11, Sou’Wester Reunion show @ The Sou’Wester, Seaview, WA w/ Martha Grover, Hajara Quinn + more


November 13, Funny/Sexy/Sad @ Branch Ofc., Brooklyn w/ Tom Batten, Alicia Camden, MJ Corey + Lauren Ebner

June 28, Salon Skid Row Presents: Ashley Brittner // Hobie Bender // Fiona George // Lizzy Acker & Cinema Obscura @ The Corner Bar, Portland

April 4, Funny/Sexy/Sad @ Second Act, San Francisco w/ Maggie Tokuda-Hall, Lauren O’Neal, Casey Childers, Joe Wadlington, Carolyn Ho, Hope Waggoner, Kath Duckworth + Nate Waggoner

April 2, Highland Park Babylon …hosted by @ BOOK SHOW, Los Angeles w/ Tom Batten, Nate Waggoner + more!

February 26, Martha Throws a Show at the Sou’wester Lodge @ Seaview, WA w/ Martha Grover, Hajara Quinn + more

January 12, SALON SKID ROW PRESENTS: Christopher Rose /// DeAngelo Gillispie /// Lizzy Acker /// Dresden De Vera & Cinema Obscura @ The Corner Bar, Portland OR


November 13, Workfriends Reading @ Likewise w/ Martha Grover + more!

July 1, Funny/Sexy/Sad Volume 2: The Tusk @ American Legion Post 134 w/ Nate Waggoner, Doug Chase, Dan Lawrence + more

May 10, Funny/Sexy/Sad Revival! @ American Legion Post 134 w/ Amira Pierce, Michael Heald, Sean Davis, Laura Moulton, Karen Munro, Paul Lask + Maria DeLorenzo

April 11, The Tusk Presents: Drunk on Truth to Stupid Baby Power! @ Boneshaker Books, Minneapolis, Minnesota w/ Nate Waggoner, Amira Pierce, Tom Batten, Colin Winnette + Luke Dani Blue


November 5 & November 6, Mortified @ The Alberta Rose Theatre, Portland, OR

October 6, HOW TO TAKE A BULLET: A Red Hot Reading @ The Waypost, Portland, OR w/ Hollie Hardy, Martha Grover + Maria DeLorenzo


April 26, Under the Influence @ The Emerald Tablet, SF w/ a bunch of geniuses

March 19, Write Club, @ The Make-Out Room, SF w/a lot of awesome people.

March 15, @Press:Works on Paper, SF w/ Michael Heald + Matthew Zapruder

February 7, Luxury Nights Executive Reading, @ Press:Works on Paper, SF w/Stephen Rosenshein, Rose Tully, Nate Waggoner +Shobho Rao


July 7, Quiet Lightening, Beast CrawlVessel Gallery, Oakland, CA w/ many awesome people + special guest Nate Waggoner

April 28, Pier Pressure: A Celebration @ The Pedro Point Firehouse, Pacifica, CA w/Toni Mirosevich + many more

April 13, Eleven Eleven Issue 12 Release Party @ Writer’s Studio, California College of the Arts, SF w/Alvin Orloff, Kiala Givehand, Norma Cole + Anna Fonte

February 24, B.L.ING (the BIG LIT THING) @ Press:Works on Paper, SF w/Stephen Rosenshein, Anhvu Buchanan, Diana Salier, Ben Mirov + Chelsea Martin


October 23,  This is Where it Must Have Happened Book LaunchCity Lights, SF w/Hal Niedzviecki + Meg Pokrass

October 15, Bang Out, Lit Crawl @ Amnesia, SF w/Marisa Crawford, Matt L. Rohrer + Ryan Van Winkle

September 22,  A Monstrous Reading @ Press:Works on Paper, SF w/Fia Maxwell + Diana Salier

September 10, East Bay on the Brain @ The Layover, Oakland CA w/hella cool people

July 14, @ Reading Frenzy, Portland, OR w/Lisa Wells

July 12, Small Doggies Reading Series, @ The Blue Monk, Portland, OR w/Matthew Dickman, B. Frayn Masters + Riley Michael Parker

May 2, Quiet Lightning, @ Café Du Nord, SF w/many, many awesome people + special guest Kevin Hobson

April 26, Enthusiasticism: A Necessary Reading, @ Coffee Bar, SF w/Noah Gershman, Stephen Rosenshein + Cheena Marie Lo

April 4, Quiet LightningMina Dresden Gallery, SF w/many others!

April 2, MAPP Reading @ The Secret Garden, SF w/KALW

February 12, Chop Suey, Richmond, VA w/Amira Pierce

February 10, Flying Object, Hadley, MA w/Gale Thompson, Anne Holmes + Marisa Crawford

February 9, Small Desk Press/Switchback Books ReadingBook Thug, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY w/Becca Klaver, Jennifer Tamayo, Marisa Crawford, Matt L. Rohrer + Sarah Fran Wisby

February 8, Poetry & Prose from San Fran to PhillyMoonstone Arts Center, Philadelphia, PA w/Natalie Lyalin, Marisa Crawford Laura Neuman, Mecca Jamilah, Suzy Subways + Sarah Fran Wisby

February 5, MEGAREADING @ Black Squirrel, Washington, D.C. w/a gillion other awesome people!!

January 31, Writers on Writing @ San Francisco State University, SF


December 15, Artist SalonRed Poppy House Art House, SF

December 11, MONSTER PARTY BOOK LAUNCH @ Amnesia, SF w/ Adam Moskowitz, Anisse Gross, Jim Nelson + Special MC Marisa Crawford

November 20, The Flat Earth Collective @ Kokoro Studio, SF w/Andrea Kneeland, Dana Teen Lomax + Dan Sanders

October 9, Litquake Lit Crawl @ Adobe Books, SF w/ Dustin Heron, ali lawrence, Sarah Fran Wisby + Jeannine Hall Gailey

October 7, The Poetry Center Fall Reading Series 2010 @ The Poetry Center, SFSU w/ Marisa Crawford

October 6, RADAR Reading Series + Official Litquake Event@ SF Public Library Main Branch w/ Tao Lin, Sara Marcus + Beth Pickens

August 14, Bangout Volume VIII: HEAT @ Amnesia, SF w/ Joy Lanzendorfer, Jim Nelson, Maria Suarez, Paul Padilla, Diana Aehegma + Christine Choi

April 30, First Annual Small Desk Press Fest Adobe Books w/ Corry Seibert Marisa Crawford, Matt L. Rohrer, Max Farber, Michael McCarrin + Tim Willcutts

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