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On Not Being Even Remotely Ashamed of Myself

I got a Facebook message this morning from someone I haven’t spoken to in at least six or seven years, that suggested I should be ashamed of myself for something he thought I’d implied, maybe in something I wrote years ago, I’m not 100% sure exactly but I can make some guesses. It’s a strange […]

the butterfly factory

today is halloween and the giants won and there is potentially ONE GAME LEFT IN THE WORLD SERIES.  which is great because the world series is affecting my eating and yoga schedule and increasing the amount of casual drinking i am doing to an unprecedented level.  jk/bff.  totally precedent-ed (not a word).  just not my […]

consumer protection

today i went to the mac store after work because there is something wrong with the screen of my computer.  i felt a very distressing sense of panic when it became clear that at some point i will be spending DAYS without my computer.  who cares about this?  i apparently do.  i am worried about […]

being a man

this is one of the art pictures pete secretly had taken of my sculpture back in probably 2005.  it is one of the things i had scanned and it looks so totally official. i haven’t done too great a job this weekend on the “things only happen if you leave the house” thing that i […]

beth, bad and beyond

jade just came over to test my mattress because i have been lying in bed at night wondering if i was a crazy person.  she says i am not and that my mattress is seriously dysfunctional.  this is good news because i keep being awakened by springs poking into all of my body parts and […]

blood spatter

see that that i am holding? it’s the postcard for our book. it will blow your mind. if you want me to send you one, give me your address. i have approximately 200. this is the most blogging i have done in ages. here is why: 1) i have a paper i am supposed to […]

porch swing

you know sometimes i get pretty down on, like, everything. i was trying to write today, about africa, and all that came out was what usually comes out which is an extended description of how mean and terrible i am. it’s weird and makes no sense to anyone else probably that that is what i […]