night on the sun

i'm not going to lie.  yesterday i went deep into an intervention hole.  in some ways you would think watching a reality show about people addicted to all kinds of shit and destroying their lives would make my own life seem pretty tip top.  except when my roommate comes by and smiles and i am … Continue reading night on the sun


blender life

so many things happened today and also so few things.  i'm basically a philosopher, deal with it.  it is monday, so starting at the end, jade and i went over to chrissy's house to watch the sad sad tragedy of america played out on the bachelorette.  there are a lot of cliff hangers just hanging … Continue reading blender life

rate yourself

i'm eating a burrito left over from last night and it is my lunch break. you know how totally amazing it is that i get to come home for lunch every single day?! so so amazing. apparently my mom and dad watched the bachelorette last night at my grandma's and were so appalled they are … Continue reading rate yourself

pimp ship

last night i watched the bachelorette with marisa and chrissy and got some cool fashionable marisa clothes and an old yellow banana clip. so this morning i looked up how to wear a banana clip on the internet and did some weird mohawk up-do and put make-up on, after washing my face. so see? i'm … Continue reading pimp ship