july july

when i was a kid in africa i used to look up at the moon every single night. i had a mantra, which was just an old song my mom used to sing me. i had a lot of mantras in africa, though i didn't call them mantras back then. this one was: "i see … Continue reading july july


master/captain/peggy olson

i think i might get two tattoos this summer. other goals i have: get back into yoga. write things that people will read. peggy olson my way through this sort of rough time by remembering how great my life actually is. i've got so many friends, a very nice roommate, a new market that sells … Continue reading master/captain/peggy olson


the only way to describe my current mental state is: hyphy.  today at work was crazy.  let's be honest: most days are crazy.  i have approx 2 million things to do at any given second.  but i got it done.  all of it.  early.  and now i am at home waiting for something amazing to … Continue reading hyphenated