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God Damn You Stevie Nicks

I’m in the midst of a truly ridiculous Fleetwood Mac situation. Maybe it’s that I am working on a project with my ex-boyfriend in Sausalito so I am basically PSYCHICALLY CONNECTING with the entire band circa Rumours. But this song, among others, makes me feel feelings, in both a good and bad way. Okay, mainly […]

rip whitney

1. it’s sad that whitney died. 2. i wrote about uhh yeah dude here. 3. i got a new watch. i should stop buying things.

real human being

holy shit where have i been?? busy. freaking out. working. ROCK CLIMBING. meeting jim lehrer. yesterday we had 2 big-ish earthquakes. well, biggest ones i have ever felt. i am now certain that earthquakes are scary and i don’t think we need any more. the second one happened while i was in the movie theater […]

a fleeting beating

you know that i write all day?  i do. i write ALL DAY.  you know what i’ve been listening to for the last 2 days while i write facebook updates and tweets and emails?  the new decemberists album, streaming from npr.  sometimes you hear an album and you love it and you want to listen […]

young money millionaire

(this is an ancient picture of amira and me.  it is too dark in my room for pictures.  i mean ancient like 3 years old at least.  just wait til february.  i will see you then amira!) marisa is staying with me for a couple weeks and there was this moment tonight when i was […]

before and after

i woke up this morning earlier than i even wake up for work.  pete came over and we made breakfast.  i burned my wrist.  then at 9am, i finally got a haircut.  so far, i’m enjoying it.  it’s been six minutes.  my head feels lighter and the girl did NOT straighten my hair and i […]

don't think twice it's alright

the art project continues.  i went to yoga after work as usual and then had dinner with my new yoga friend who i can tell is going to be cool because she was COMPLETELY down to talk about boys for an hour. anyway it was a day.  work.  i mainly wanted to show you the […]