our blood looks similar!

i’m going to make fried rice for dinner. two weeks ago pete came and picked me up after i got on a bus going the wrong direction without the full fare after emmylou harris at hardly strictly bluegrass and about 3 more beers then strictly necessary out of my friend neil’s backpack. then pete made me fried rice. well he made some for himself and gave me some. since then i am thinking it is the epitome of genius. fried rice! so easy to make! can contain anything at all! tonight i am thinking of experimenting with kale, red peppers, chicken, carrots and garlic. always garlic. of course.

today at like 4:43 the network went down at work. it’s pretty great when the network goes down. there is nothing you can do. and then i went to yoga. my favorite yoga teacher started teaching at this new, perfect time. why is she my favorite? she plays bon iver and van morrison instead of tibetan chanting. yesterday she played “silent night” for the final resting. the christmas carol. she’s hilarious. also, i read about her on the internet and know she was an english major. also she is nice.

so yah, i have to go to work and stuff. make the money. stare at lists of names and numbers all day. answer phones. but it wasn’t SUCH a bad day today. everyone says it’s going to rain. sf is hilarious like that. when the weather might be different people can’t stop talking about it. EVERYWHERE. the only equivalent in number of facebook status updates about a subject in the realm of people i know is if the beavers or ducks are playing football. SO many people i know care about that. it’s weird.

which reminds me of two to three more things:

1) is it offensive that i took a facebook quiz called “which lds temple should you be married in?”

2) i hung out with my old friend jessie last weekend because she is in school in berkeley now. it was so awesome. it is nice to hang out with people you’ve known since third grade, even if at certain points they were your enemy. her bedroom is always the same: corvallis, eugene, portland, seattle, berkeley. it always smells nice in the same way. what is more comforting than that? nothing.

3) after talking to a past student body president of corvallis high school who did NOT attend his high school reunion, i feel confident that i will not go to mine.

in conclusion, here is a video for a song my cousin’s kids loved to sing when i was in the car with them various times last summer:

i miss my cousin. i miss her kids. final picture, stolen from cousin, from a boat: