things that happen

so. i haven’t blogged in approx one million years. one could easily make the argument that i don’t count as a blogger at all anymore. forever. goodbye.

whatever. i defy definition. deal with it.

i’m 27 now. did you know that? i turned 27 on the 27th of september and celebrated by taking the wrong people to folsom street fair (they are the right people for other things but wrong for folsom) and then doing equal parts moping and crying and then ultimately having a very nice evening with someone i like very much.

birthdays are a little silly. or maybe they aren’t, i can’t decide. anyway, i keep getting checks from my grandparents who ALL forgot my birthday which is i guess a side effect of being insanely lucky to get old enough that birthdays don’t matter much anymore while still having grandparents and also of having grandparents who have actual lives going on that get in the way of remembering birthdays of people getting too god damn close to their 30s who haven’t even finished graduate school yet for absolutely no good reason.

i have a lot of very cool grandparents, just by the way.

i wonder if my laundry is done.

i have this weird issue with blogging now that i have basically constantly been bringing up for the past year and a half which is two parts. 1) i live with a person who i can talk to, so i don’t feel the same dramatic need to COMMUNICATE EVERYTHING TO THE WORLD because i can just communicate to him. also, now that i have his undivided attention, i sincerely doubt he is reading my blog and he was one of the main imaginary readers i imagined. i don’t think he was a big-time reader but i could more easily pretend when i wasn’t so aware of his internet habits (tutorials on electronics) because he was in a different state and living room and not using my actual computer. 2) i still actually like blogging a lot, when i have time which is less frequently than before. i like writing, i like an audience, i like the clicking sound the keys make when i press them down quickly. i also like writing out stories about my life, and in doing so FIGURING SHIT OUT. but there is clearly a new dimension to my life now which is that it isn’t just MINE anymore. okay i mean it is all mine, obviously, but most of the things that i do or that are important to me that happen involve one specific other person who may or definitely does not actually, want the details of his life broadcast to australia and nevada, etc. he is a very awesome forgiving person and if someday my many stories featuring him get PUBLISHED by an OUTSIDE SOURCE NOT CALLED BLOGGER (what’s with the caps, lizzy? i’ll tell you–i don’t know) he will suck it up and be cool with it. in most of the stories i change his name though. and they are also partially fiction and maybe even he might not guess one or two of them are sort of about him too and not aliens. but is it really fair to have this ongoing narrative in which i present my opinion about every single situation and he gets no say in the matter? i would usually say, yes fair, not important, my voice, my story, man up, deal with it. BUT…

(new paragraph just because that one was so freaking long.) he’s pretty much totally completely important to me. so. i will exercise restraint. continue to exercise it. learn how to spell exercise.

however, before i get the laundry and start dinner, a cautionary note: for art the other night i wrapped pete’s whole body in duct tape. sadly my camera is broken and the point was to do it to make a cast of his body. we did it over clothes and then i cut the clothes off. do not ever do this. duct tape has toxic fumes and we wrapped the duct tape too tight so the cutting off process was totally dangerous and needy to happen VERY QUICKLY before the dude passed out from loss of circulation. avoid duct taping your loved ones, if at all possible. if this is not possible, do it somewhat loosely and do it in separate parts. public service announcement: done. explanation of my life: done.

now. the laundry.

update: i got the laundry. about that and other things: i melted a sock in the drier. amazing. i’ve been doing a lot of yoga but not today. i have many jobs. i wish i could ride my bike more. bank of america tried to trick me into paying overdraft charges on a HYPOTHETICAL overdraft. are you kidding me? i think i want to be a teacher. i don’t know if “glee” is brilliant but i love it.

now. dinner.