summer is almost over and why is this happening

not as if there is anyone who reads this any more. i mean–i didn’t post one thing in july. seriously. give up on me. i have.

but here’s an update:

i have a sunburn.

i spent the weekend with my cousin and her kids. i also hung out with them for a week and a half at the end of june on martha’s vineyard. those kids are like sickeningly cute. i keep telling her that, that like, all kids are cute but your kids are taking it to the max, maybe TOO far. i mean, her two year old son, in a purple speedo, he could throw your cellphone off a cliff, cry for five straight hours, slash your car tires and drunk dial your boss and you would still be like, “oooh but he’s so ADORABLE! have you seen his hair? it’s so curly and nice”. of course it’s a bonus that he doesn’t do any of those things. instead he looks up from the pool in his goggles and says, “do i look distinguished?” but he’s two so it’s more like: “do i wook disthinwithed?”

sick. this must be part of the trickiness. i am not sure what the trickiness is. one of my cousin’s kids promised to teach it to me but we ran out of time. i will have to email her to ask her for specifics.

besides hanging out with this part of my family this summer, i have been working full time in a cubicle which is sort of like what hell would be if there were such a thing as hell. luckily i firmly believe there isn’t and all of us will get to just be dead when we die. because cubicles are horrifying. i’ve also been doing yoga about every day to counter act the emotional and physical effects of the computer. i can’t tell if it’s helping. i can’t wait for school to start up again so i have an excuse to ride my bike at least twice a week.

did i mention also i went to new york? and pete and i took most awesome camping trip ever up through california to oregon.

well, i really should give more of an update. be more specific. i mean, THERE WAS CRAWDADDING. but suddenly i am so tired i can barely handle it. i just spent like two hours doing poetry center work. i’ve only been surfing once this whole summer. tomorrow: the job. this is what people live like, i know. i want to teach middle school i think. can some one tell me a good way to get into that?

***final edit*** I WANT TO GO TO BED but i was thinking about how i used to write in this so often and so convincingly, back when i lived without pete. i was thinking about how long i have lived in sf. i moved here in august of 06. i was 23. how nuts is that? i meet a 23 year old now and i am like, oh, you mean you are a toddler? so of course i went back and looked at what i wrote about in august of that year, three years ago. i found this one. it’s kind of embarrassing to read the cheesy stuff i wrote back then, as a child. but also kind of funny because i just earlier wrote that i went on a crazy awesome camping trip with pete and there in that entry i am like GUSHING about camping with him. like it was SO AMAZING I WILL NEVER GO CAMPING WITHOUT HIM AGAIN. the future is a weird thing. i still feel that way of course, times ten. i wonder if in three years i will still feel that way or what weird thing i will look back on from now and be like, shit, that’s hilarious, i was such a child when i was 26. i used to write myself letters every year but i haven’t done that for awhile. but i think that camping trip i wrote about so obnoxiously (is this going to be obnoxious in the future? probably) three years ago was actually like a major thing, like most of my life in san francisco could be traced back to that trip. or maybe not. maybe it is a small thing. but i remember before i moved here, deciding one day while i was walking to work at the burrito shop in portland that i wanted to go on an awesome camping trip in california. i thought for like three minutes about who i wanted to go with. i think some names ran through my mind of people who might be cool to camp with but then it just occurred to me: pete! i’d never even camped with him before. he was living in bend. i mean, he was my friend and stuff but, i don’t know, it seems sort of random almost that i asked him. and then he wanted to do it. and then we started making plans. and then the weird part is how spectacular it was, which i just didn’t expect. not because i didn’t think he was completely amazing, just, things aren’t usually that level of awesome.

anyway, i am going on and on here. i just think it is weird is all, and that i am lucky. seriously. not only is that guy good to camp with, he is good to live with. i was so lonely when he left to go back home that time. i am so glad he came back, even if it has destroyed my blogging career and completely removed me from g chat. right now, he’s in bend for the weekend. thank goodness not two years again.

okay, for real i am going to sleep now.

the end.

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  1. Dearest Zurd – I enjoyed your post very much. That bit about cuteness made me laugh. In regards to middle school, I CAN imagine you teaching in one. You have a youthful energy that the students would love. I believe I have something similar. You just need to do a masters in teaching program. At U of P you can do a 10 month program (Christina did this), at PSU its 13 months and very disorganized (I did this). I could find a great mentor teacher for your student teaching. Much love from me and Christina.

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