For my grandma, Joan Acker

My grandma died earlier this summer. Here is what I read at her memorial. I figured I should say something about my grandma today because, while she was a lot of things to a lot of people, she wasn't a grandma to a lot of girls. She had three sons and only one of them … Continue reading For my grandma, Joan Acker


Being 14 and then Being 31

This week I am turning 31, which is less of a milestone and more of a “yeah when are you having babies and why are you still single?”-type birthday. However, I’ve been amazed at how eventful the first year of my 30s has been. Major life things keep happening and my body hasn’t shut down … Continue reading Being 14 and then Being 31


i'm working on a blog post for kqed arts and i got this picture from thanksgiving. my family is really great. also really cute. that's all i've got right now. my brain is non-working.

brain damage

this is me talking on the phone to my grandma. i bought some cool new clothes today because i had a little birthday money and i had a near panic attack yesterday at an art show because all my clothes are so lame. now i am talking to my brother about his indoor soccer team. … Continue reading brain damage